We specialize in producing a wide range of custom team uniforms, sporting goods, athletic apparel, merchandise, accessories and more. We have established a proven manufacturing system that has allowed our brand to become recognized as a major competitor in today’s apparel industry. We have strategic partnerships both domestically and internationally that allow us to continuously expand our range of products. We stock the finest fabrics to stay current on a variety of market trends while taking a systematic approach in developing game changing innovations of our own. Sconto Industry uses modern technology such as fibers and materials designed to alleviate sweat, heat, cold, and offer UV protection. Our technology also extends to the type of machinery used to make our products which allow us to be efficient.

We provide excellent service from beginning to end. We take time to learn our client’s needs and details to assure all specifications are met. Our Sconto Industry branded products are competitively priced while never compromising our quality. We manage the ordering process thoroughly to assure that our clients receive our best products in a timely fashion. We also have the capability and capacity to manufacture unlimited quantities.